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  • Changes to the home insurance policies underwritten by IAG will affect many New Zealand homeowners. This includes those insured with many of the leading banks and retail insurance companies. If you own a home or are thinking of buying one, it’s important to understand how these changes could affect the way your home will be insured.
  • As your policy rolls over for renewal you will become responsible to advise your insurer of the cost to rebuild your home. This is not the market value of a home, which is what a valuer/council can provide, but a cost as though it was being built again from scratch. The cost must include not only the materials and labour to complete, but all demolition, special features, site specific costs, potential land remediation, costs to bring the home up to todays code, driveways, retaining walls, paths, decks, water tanks, fencing, and all associated professional fees and building compliance costs.
  • It is important that you do not underestimate this figure as your insurer will only pay up to this value. Our team of Quantity Surveyors are trained and proven to price this accurately for you. Our custom built pricing software enables us to be able to work thoroughly yet cost effectively. We can offer this service for $3.90/m2 +GST of area priced, anywhere in New Zealand.
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